The One

About 7 years ago is when my life changed and I found the most inspirational and amazing women in my life. When you say ‘the one’, what does that actually mean? I guess for so many people as with everything in life it holds a different meaning depending on how you look at things.

For me, I can to this day and I probably will for the rest of my life remember the exact moment it dawned on me and I realised that I had actually found the one. Of all places I was in the middle of a workout in the gym with my friend. Now at the time my friend had noticed a change in me and had questioned if everything was ok with me, and like most guys probably not wanting to say anything would brush it off and say yes everything was fine. Now for most guys we have the stereotype of ‘being hard’ and not ‘being cool’ if you do something romantic or soppy and I was no exception, until the moment I approached my friend and actually said ‘I have found the one, she means everything to me’. My poor friend was in shock because he didn’t expect to hear that, let alone hear that from me and we were in the middle of a workout so it was completely random and out of the blue. Plus the look on his face was priceless, now that was a Kodak moment if ever there was one.

Now going back to what we mean when we say the one, in this day and age I suppose you could say its finding that one person that completes you, but it can mean so many different things and in so many different ways. There seems to be an underlying pressure in society that when you reach a certain age or reach a particular time in your life that you have to find love, find a girlfriend, get married or whatever it may be you choose to do. Whatever happened to taking your time or letting fate take its course. I suppose for me I look at it in this way from personal experience and id like to think that I’ve learnt from my mistakes.

I’ve come to learn over time that its never one way I found this out the hard way, lets just say I was a typical guy when I was younger and very stubborn but being young you can be oblivious to the fact that your in the wrong and in actual fact your doing more harm that good. But as I’ve grown older and wiser over the years, you could say that i’ve grown up and matured quicker than I’ve needed to because of experiences I have been through in life. You watch movies on the TV and you see examples of relationships and scenarios that couples find themselves in and in your mind you think what it would be like if that was you. What would you do? How would you handle the situation? Lets be honest I’m sure all of us at some point have been there, but what the Warner Bros and Hollywood and all the movie makers don’t tell you is that in reality it not like that at all. And one thing for certain is that its damn hard, definitely not easy to say the least and there are no instructions to help us through. You have to work at it, some have to work at it more than others but its worth it.

For me I’m very fortunate that I have my special lady in my life and by my side and I couldn’t be happier. Finding love changed me and changed me for the better, this is someone that I couldn’t imagine my life without. You hear people saying ‘I love you’ but its not just the physical side its so much more than that. Truth be told and lets be honest from time to time we all just want a cuddle or just want someone to take to. Its about being able be yourself in everyway even the crazy and wacky side of you and not have to worry what the other person is going to think. You tell each other everything and hold hands, show each other affection not caring what people may think. The only thing that matter is just the two of you and nothing else gets a look in. Now some might ask what if it doesn’t work out?, well the only thing I  can say is that like everything in life its a gamble. You have to put yourself on the line, not knowing where it will go. You have to invest your time and commit because like everything if you don’t you will never know what will be and always think what if. I honestly believe that in this world there is someone for everyone no matter what race, colour or creed.

We all have the ability to love and show compassion and you what we should embrace it more, you know why because life is short and we don’t know what around the corner and what is in store for us. We should live life to the full god knows I’m going to and share every moment. If your ever lucky enough to come across the right person for you or find the one, embrace it and grab life with both hands. It can be scary and mean some changes, take a chance and trust what your heart tells you and what do what is right for you. Don’t let it pass you by and wonder what if.

A little personal message for the amazing women in my life,

I will always remember the very first day I met you, your nervous smile and the way you shrugged your shoulder when you felt shy. We have come a long way from then and grown so much as a couple facing so many challenges that life has thrown at us. I remember when we got our first house and all we had was a sofa, dining table and few chairs. After years of hard work and sticking by each other we have achieved everything that we have ever wanted and more. You never seize to amaze me and always find a way to make me smile everyday. I love coming home every day knowing I will be welcomed with your warm embrace, this is something you cant put a  price on. We have shared 7 beautiful years together and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you standing by your side taking on the world. You truly are an inspiration and my superwomen.

I love you 






6 thoughts on “The One

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  1. Loved this, everything about it. It’s refreshing to see a man write in this way. I know there are many more out there like you, but as you said, most don’t show that side of themselves or acknowledge that it exist in them. She’s a lucky girl! Keep writing!

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  2. I love you too. How lucky am I too have found you. My soul mate. My best friend. My everything. Love is a gift. A very special gift. I am one of the lucky ones to have received such a blessing. Keep writing baby. I love reading your thoughts❤

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