Where would you go?

If there is one place you could go in the world to get away from all the troubles and worries, where would you go? What would you do?

A desert island, the park, or go to your room and close the door on the world outside. I suppose when you think about it, it changes over time and each place is different for each and every one of us and I suppose how we deal with things say a lot about us too.

For me when I was younger I would just go to my room and listen to music that I had recorded on cassette tape. Yes you heard right cassette tape, we all did so don’t pretend that you didn’t. As I got older and I learnt to drive a car and got my licence and this soon became my safe place. Not only because all I wanted to was drive for as long as I can remember but I could literally take myself anywhere I wanted to go. Just me and the open road, have my favourite playlist playing on the cd player, nothing too heavy but quite easy on the mind, nothing that would give you a headache and quite soothing. This for me was time for me to reflect on everything that was going on at the time and just some me time, which let’s be honest we all need from time to time.

These days it my home, there’s no place like it. When I’ve had a tough day at work or just in general, all I want to do is be at home away from the world outside. It’s quite strange when I think about it because growing up all I ever wanted to was to go out and never be at home and now I actually enjoy being at home and would rather stay in than go out. Funny how that works out isn’t it.

As great and as much as we need some time and need to get away, we all have our ways of coping with everyday struggles no matter what they may be. But can I ask one thing? No matter who you are and what part of the world you come from and no matter what you’re going through please remember there is nothing better than just talking to someone, you don’t really need to say a lot. There is always someone that is kind enough and has the heart to listen and always willing to help.

You’re never on your own.


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