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I’ve always had a passion for sports from a young age mainly cricket and football and of course a love for cars. For as long as I can remember I was either down the local park or leisure center involved in some kind of recreational activity. If I wasn’t there I was travelling up and down the country at some kind of motor show. There was always something about modified and fast cars that got my juices flowing.

My name is Iby Hussain, which is the name all my friends and family call me and by which I have got used to being called all my life. I don’t like using my Christian name, I find it far to formal and to be honest the only time I’m called that is when I getting a telling off from my dearest mum for not doing something that I should have. Lets be honest we never get too old to get a telling off from mum. I’m 33 and reside in the south-east of England from the county of Berkshire which is west of London. Although my life journey started here I was too young to remember anything of my birth town Maidenhead before my family relocated to the Midlands. I wont go too much into that, that’s a story for another time.

I’m a family man, have an amazing fiancé/wife, have four beautiful kids that I can proudly say mean the world to me and more. They drive me crazy from time to time but then they wouldn’t be kids and why break tradition? Nothing make me happier than seeing them all happy.

This is a new chapter for me and I’m quite interested to see where this will take me. I’ve never blogged before so a first for me, and don’t worry my page wont be filled with sports and cars. I’m sure at some point that will come but for now more a sharing of my life experiences, past, present and future. All things that have had some part to play in making me the person I am today.

Let me finish by saying that I’m  not by any means a professional writer and nor will I pretend to be. That being said….welcome to my page ‘PastPresentFuture’.



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