Sweet Memories

Without realising we all create memories whether we know about it or not, happy memories, sad memories, memories that bring a smile to our face or sometimes bring upset and hurt. It’s these memories and collective thoughts that have sculpted us into the people we are today, the reason why we do things in a particular way and why we chose not to do something.
It’s amazing to think how advanced the human body is and that the brain is the nerve centre of what we do. Our actions, our thoughts, what we say right down to how we even move. It’s constantly sending signals and working even when we are not and when we are tucked up in bed at night sleeping. So it amazing to think even after years that pass, something we saw or something we did is stored in the back of our mind just waiting for the chance to be recalled and when the time comes it’s there punctual and on time. Now I know that can change with time and sometimes our minds are not like they used to be and we tend to forget, or do we? I don’t think we actually do I think we go blank for a moment, we’ve all had those moments but then when you least expect it, bang! there it is your thought or memory just like the day you created it.
For me, memories can come from a variety of many different sources like music, TV, sports, work and so many more day to day activities that we do.  You could be walking down the street and hear a song playing in the background and upon hearing it, it takes to straight back to the time in your life that you hadn’t even realised you had associated with that song. Even going out with friends and being social, there is nothing like reminiscing about old time and like that all those thoughts, images and memories that were saved in out memory banks come flooding back and at the same time we are instantly creating more.
As I have grown older I have knowingly associated either songs or numbers to particular times and events in my life. For example, if I see the number 786 anywhere on my daily travels it doesn’t matter in what way shape or form, to me I know that no matter what happens it’s going to be a good day, I can’t explain it I just know. Or if I hear a song on the radio it will take me back to the moment I first heard it and instantly I will in that place doing what I was doing and reliving the moment.
I can’t begin to explain how the brain works, I can make sense of most things but ill draw the line at the brain ill leave that to the experts. I think the point I’m trying to make or what I’m trying to say is we create memories every day of our lives, whether it’s something that you do on your own, with friends, family, colleagues or just someone that you met walking down the street. Having said that I’m a strong believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’ and like anything memories are created for a reason, so they can be shared with people, shared with the world and so we can bring happiness and laughter to others.
Just think of me writing this and whomever In the world who may read this we have created something together that will stay with us and no one can take that away from us.



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